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WOW Technology provides its customers with a cloud system for photo archiving and communication (PACS), To rapidly protect and store medical imaging, and to facilitate communication and transmission between team members.

By working side by side with our clients in the medical field and after studying and long understanding their needs, we developed in WOW Technology a multi-use cloud archiving system for photo archiving and communication to help doctors and medical professionals simplify workflows, prioritize patients care, and facilitate communication.

The system facilitates patients’ registration and examination schedule, which facilitates the workflow within radiology departments and supports instant collaboration between members of the medical team.

Why choose WOW Technology photo archiving and communication system?

Cloud system

Photo archiving and communication system From WOW Technology depends on cloud storage, which allows data to be kept safely and able to be displayed or modified anytime and anywhere using any internet-connected device.

Elite’s option

A group of the best hospitals and medical authorities inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia rely on our system in automating the process of medical archiving and enhancing cooperation within teams.

We are forming partnerships, not customers

Most of our revenue comes from long-term relationships with frequent clients, and we partner with them to create long-term strategies to improve the course of the medical process and enhance communication effectiveness.

Latest technologies

As a leader company in the technology sector, we rely on the latest tools and methods in the world of medical technology on building our systems to make sure to keep pace with the rapidly changing digital world, and to provide our partners with the latest systems.

PACS Features

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Latest Technologies

We rely on the design and development of applications on the best and latest tools and technologies that enable us to build high-quality and world-class apps to keep pace with the constant change in mobile apps

Top Charts Apps

After years of experience of launching successful apps, we help you prepare your app to appear effectively in the top charts within app stores, in order to ensure our customers get the largest possible number of users and achieve the desired spread.

Clear Steps

In WOW Technology, we follow a clear process that consists of stages that any application goes through, from brainstorming, designing a user experience, through building a prototype, and finally developing the application to suit the desired platform.

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